[ Wireless access - ATTENTION !!! ]

Posted on Thursday January 28th, at 11:00

Please DO NOT TRY to connect to the Internet from more than one device (i.e. laptop, mobile phones, etc) using the same password we gave you at the registration! This is not allowed (see the connection rules) and will cause the immediate banning of the user from the wireless network.
Please contact us in case of problems.
Thank you for your understanding!

[ Lunch & Social Dinner: directions ]

Posted on Tuesday January 26th, at 10:00

Lunch will be served at Restaurant "La Pantera Rosa", piazzale del Verano 84.
Here you can find information about the restaurant for the lunch and about the social dinner at the Casina Valadier (ppt file - pdf file).

[ Conference dinner: bus service ]

Posted on Monday January 25th, at 20:00

For the social dinner that will be held on Thursday, 28 January 2010, we are booking a bus service connecting the University Sapienza with the Casina Valadier Restaurant.

The bus will leave from the University (Piazzale Aldo Moro in front of the main entrance) at 19:30.

You can register for the bus service tomorrow, Tuesday 26, at the registration desk located in room "Sala Lauree".

Please remember to do so as soon as you arrive, since we will need to confirm the number of people using the bus immediately after lunch tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!