The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss some of the modern applications in Physics and Astrophysics (and related subfields) of hybrid computational systems based on multicore CPU governing a set of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) acting as number crunchers.

Various sessions will be devoted to different typologies of scientific applications: statistical mechanics, quantum chromodynamics, physics of matter, molecular dynamics, hydrodynamics, seismology, meteorology, dynamics of stellar systems, galactic dynamics, etc.

A significant amount of time will be specifically devoted to the hardware and software aspects involved.

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NEW: Five Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors 3120P offered by E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING will be drawn at random among all the registered participants. - GPU Prize for the best poster: award of a Tesla K40 GPU offered by nVIDIA to the author(s) of the best Poster presented. -

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