Call for abstracts

NEW: the abstract submission deadline has been extended until July 15, 2014

The GPU2014 program consists of invited talks as well as oral or poster contributions.

We welcome submission of abstracts presenting original research and practical results of GPU computing in this (non exhaustive) list of areas:

-- Astrophysics
-- Biophysics and Biomedicine
-- Computational Seismology
-- Condensed Matter
-- Cosmology
-- Development of Hybrid, Dedicated, Massively Parallel Systems for Scientific Computing
-- Dynamics of Stellar and Galactic Systems
-- GPU computing and real-time applications
-- Hydrodynamics
-- Meteorology
-- Molecular Dynamics
-- Particle Physics
-- Physics of Complex Systems
-- Physics of Matter -- Quantum Chromodynamics
-- Software Framework and Tools for GPU Code Integration
-- Statistical Mechanics

Presentations are mainly thought as aiming to the identification of the benefits given by the usage of GPUs in different Physics and Astrophysics contexts in which they showed to be a relevant computational tool, and to discuss their impact in past and future scientific research.

Abstract must be submitted on or before Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 23:00 UTC following the procedure in the Submission form, available in this site.
The link is:

You will receive an automatic notification of you submission.

Abstracts will be reviewed basing on their relevance to the conference and on originality, quality and readability of the contribution.

Abstracts should give a concise summary of the work, addressing the above review criteria, in no more than 500 words.

The abstracts should be able to stand alone and be suitable for inclusion in the on-line Book of Abstracts.

For the poster session dedicated time slots have been allocated in the conference schedule.

Given the foreseen number of submissions, the programme committee reserves the option to allocate a poster slot to accepted contributions even when an oral presentation has been requested.

We expect to send notification of acceptance or rejection by the 30th of June.

NEW: Five Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors 3120P offered by E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING will be drawn at random among all the registered participants. - GPU Prize for the best poster: award of a Tesla K40 GPU offered by nVIDIA to the author(s) of the best Poster presented. -

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