The Workshop will take place in the AMALDI HALL of the Dep. of Physics, named ISTITUTO FISICO G. MARCONI.

The hall is at the first floor of the building. You will find on site the necessary indications to reach it. Coffee breaks and lunches will be in the same building.

If you give a look to this map of the Sapienza campus you may find the venue location as "Aula Conversi, Edificio Marconi, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' La Sapienza".

The Marconi Building, hosting the Department and the workshop is just less than 15 minutes walk from the central "Termini" railway station (see here how to get the University from the Termini train station). To reach the historical center of Roma from the Conference venue is a 20 minutes walk. The venue is well connected to the center of Roma and other places by buses and subway.
The Campus is located in the renown "S. Lorenzo" area, one of the most lively and animated neighborhoods in the city.
The Department of Physics at the Sapienza University of Roma, is the place where the heritage and the tradition of Enrico Fermi, Ettore Majorana and Edoardo Amaldi (the School of Roma) continues nowadays.

NEW: Five Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors 3120P offered by E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING will be drawn at random among all the registered participants. - GPU Prize for the best poster: award of a Tesla K40 GPU offered by nVIDIA to the author(s) of the best Poster presented. -

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