Proceedings instructions available - Proceedings deadline: January 15th, 2016 - Visit the Photo Gallery - LC2016 on September 2016, in Lisboa -
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Poster Awards

Posters will be voted by all the participants, and the two most-voted ones will be awarded the possibility to publish the contribution as a regular (refeered) article in Few-Body System.

The Poster-Award winners are:

- Chandan Mondal

- Loredana Bellantuono


List of contributions

For a list of contributions click here.

Talk Uploading

If you are a speaker, you need to upload your talk, at the latest before the break before your session, using the INDICO server of the conference, click here.
Issue the Login using the red botton at the top-right of the page. Select your contribution clicking on the title, and then add your file using the link on the right: "Edit files".
Please contact us if you have trouble with uploading your talk to the INDICO server.

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