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McCartor Fellowship Award

The Gary McCartor Fellowship Program was established in 2008 in memory of physicist Gary McCartor who provided scientific leadership for the field of light cone physics. With the initial donation of Gary's widow Sheila McCartor, the Program enables young scientists to develop their expertise and contribute to forefront physics research. Travel awards have been made to promising young scientists to attend and present their research at the annual LIGHT CONE conferences.

The 2015 winners are (see the press release):

Arkadiusz Trawinski, Ph.D. student at University of Warsaw supervised by Professor Stan Glazek
Xiaonu Xiong, who received his Ph.D. at Peking University supervised by Professor Xiangdong Ji
Kelly Chiu, Ph.D. student at Stanford University supervised by Professor Stan Brodsky
Frederik Van der Veken who received his Ph.D. at Antwerp University supervised by Prof. Pierre Van Mechelen
Matteo Rinaldi who received his Ph.D. at University of Perugia supervised by Professor Sergio Scopetta
Henry Lamm, Ph.D. student at Arizona State University supervised by Professor Richard Lebed
Sabrina Cotogno, Ph.D. students at Vrije University and NIKHEF supervised by Professor Piet Mulders
Andrea Signori, Ph.D. students at Vrije University and NIKHEF supervised by Professor Piet Mulders



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