Proceedings instructions available - Proceedings deadline: January 15th, 2016 - Visit the Photo Gallery - LC2016 on September 2016, in Lisboa -
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LC2015 INDICO web page.


People who need a visa have to apply at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations of your country of residence. For general conditions governing the entrance of foreign nationals to Italy click here. In case you need an official invitation letter please contact us.


Please note that in order to have access to the LNF network and connect to the Internet, participants must authenticate with a username and a password. In order to get a username and a password from LNF, non-INFN participants should register in advance, filling in the form at this link. Upon completion, you will receive your "guest card" with your login data by email. INFN participants will be able to connect using their INFN certificate or the username and password used to access the network at their INFN Division.


The list of restaurants in Frascati click here.

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