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The Workshop will take place in Auditorium Bruno Touschek, High Energy Building. at INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati.

HE BuildingAuditorium Touschek

To reach the Auditorium Touschek see the LNF map

Frascati is a town close to Rome, in the region of central Italy called Latium. It is located 20 km south-east of Rome, on the Alban Hills close to the ancient city of Tusculum. Its origin dates back to the year 1191 after Tusculum was put to fire and sward. The Tusculum survivors abandoned it and went to live below, at the hamlet then known as frascata the bowery. Frascati is not only closely associated with science, being the location of several international scientific laboratories, the INFN, the ENEA (the Italian Alternative Energy Authority) and the ESA (the European Space agency), but it is also an important historical and artistic centre famous for its notable villas, which were built from the 16th century on by Popes, cardinals and Roman nobles as "status symbols" of Roman aristocracy. These country houses were designed for social activities rather than farming.

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