Graduate Studies in Accelerator Physics

28° Cycle Graduate Students


Thesis supervisor: Prof. Migliorati - Dipartimento di Scienze di base ed applicate per l'Ingegneria

Thesis title: Characterization and implementation of Pencil Beam Scanning proton therapy techniques: from spot scanning to continuous scanning.


Proton therapy is a type of external radiotherapy using protons beams from 70 to 250 MeV produced by particles accelerators, typically cyclotrons and synchrotrons. At the Institut Curie – Centre de Protonthérapie d’Orsay (IC-CPO, France), where the PhD student is doing her research activity, a 230 MeV cyclotron is used. Two are the ways to adapt the beam coming from the accelerator to the clinical specifications imposed for cancer treatment: passive spreading and active scanning (Pencil Beam Scanning – PBS). In the frame of the PBS installation at the IC-CPO, the PhD student will contribute to the implementation and characterization of the spot scanning technique. Then, by mean of Monte Carlo simulations and measurements she will establish the feasibility, the potential advantages and the specifications for a new way (continuous scanning) to treat the tumour volume.