Graduate Studies in Accelerator Physics

29° Cycle Graduate Students


Thesis supervisor: Prof. Palumbo (Dipartimento di Scienze di base ed applicate per l'Ingegneria), Dr.ssa. Chiadroni (INFN-LNF)

Thesis title: Characterization of Plasma for plasma-based acceleration experiments at SPARC_LAB.

Description: New generation of particle accelerators is based on the excitation of large amplitude plasma waves driven by either electron or laser beams, named as Plasma Wakefield Accelerator (PWFA) and Laser Wakefield Accelerator (LWFA), respectively. Both these schemes are going to be investigated in future experiments scheduled at the SPARC_LAB test facility. During the thesis work the most suitable plasma diagnostics will be investigated and implemented for the measurements of plasma characteristics, e.g. plasma density and wake morphology, since the beam quality of plasma accelerated beams is strongly correlated to the plasma structure. Experimental activities and measurements will be performed at the SPARC_LAB test facility at LNF.