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Entry and stay in Italy

Entry Visa

Do you need a VISA?

A visa, which consists of a special sticker affixed to the applicant's passport or other valid travel document, is an alien’s authorisation to enter the territory of the Italian Republic or that of the other Contracting Parties for transit or visit purposes. The visa is issued on the basis of criteria related to the preservation of good international relations and to the protection of national security and public order Visas issued by Italian foreign missions are valid for access, transit or brief sojourn (up to 90 days) both in Italy and in other countries that apply the Schengen Convention, and this type is known as a “Uniform Schengen Visa” (USV); likewise the USV issued by the diplomatic-consular missions of other countries that apply the Schengen Convention, grants entry into Italy. A long-term entry visa (for more than 90 days) is called a “National Visa” NV) and grants access for long-term sojourn in the State that issued it allows, on condition it is still valid, the free circulation for a period of no more than 90 days per semester in the territory of other Member States.

Embassies and Consulates

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Codice fiscale/Tax number

The individual tax number (codice fiscale) is an instrument by which to identify persons in their relations with Italian public institutions and ministries and is issued by the Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). It can be requested from abroad both by Italian and foreigners through the consular office. The tax number is issued immediately upon application through Fisconline, an on-line service of the Tax Agency, and a card bearing the number is subsequently sent by mail. To request a tax number at a consular office it is necessary to complete a special form and show an identification document. For specific modalities (via fax, mail, etc.) please visit the website of the competent consular office. Alternatively, the request may be submitted personally to any territorial office of the Revenue Agency. The Revenue Agency Office nearest "Sapienza" University il sited in Via Ippolito Nievo, 36 (Tel. 06/583191, Fax 06/50763637, email:dp.iroma@agenziaentrate.it).

Mauro Mancini Tel. +39 06 4991 4318 Fax +39 06 4453829
Sonia Mozzillo Tel. +39 06 4991 4316 Fax +39 06 490275
Giovanna Vacri Tel. +39 06 4991 4353 Fax +39 06 4450255