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Plenary Sessions photos

  • CP violation and CKM - Achille Stocchi (Orsay)
  • CP violation beyond the SM - Andreas Weiler (CERN)
  • Status and prospects for B physics and discrete symmetries at Tevatron - Kevin Pitts (Illinois)
  • Experimental prospects for B physics and discrete symmetries at LHC and future projects - Tim Gershon (Warwick)
  • Kaon physics and discrete symmetries: status and perspectives - Marco Sozzi (Pisa)
  • Baryon and Dark Matter Genesis - Lawrence Hall (Berkeley)
  • Status and prospects for lepton flavor violation searches - Marco Grassi (INFN - Pisa)
  • Neutrinoless double beta decay - Oliviero Cremonesi (INFN - Milano)
  • Discrete symmetries and models of flavor mixing - Alexei Yu Smirnov (ICTP)
  • Search for CP and CPT violation effects in neutrino oscillations - Mauro Mezzetto (INFN - Padova)
  • T and CPT symmetries in entangled meson system - Jose Bernabeu (Valencia)
  • Experimental review on EDM - Yannis K. Semertzidis (Brookhaven)
  • Perspectives on Lorentz and CPT symmetry violation - Brett Altschul (South Carolina)
  • High energy gamma ray astronomy - J. Eric Grove (U.S. Naval Research Lab.)
  • Planck satellite: status and perspectives - Reno Mandolesi (INAF/IASF Bologna)
  • Baryogenesis and Leptogenesis - Antonio Riotto (CERN)
  • Hidden symmetries and dark matter - Neal Weiner (New York)
  • Dark matter searches at LHC - Vasiliki Mitsou (Valencia)
  • Direct search for WIMP dark matter - Bernard Sadoulet (Berkeley)
  • Identifying dark matter - Gianfranco Bertone (Paris)
  • Open problems in particle physics - Riccardo Barbieri (Pisa)
  • Status and prospects for LHC - Gigi Rolandi (CERN)
  • Cabibbo, Radicati, the symmetries in the sixties: where did they bring us? - Luciano Maiani (Roma)