T2K - Tokai to Kamioka

T2K is a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment presently under construction. Data taking will start in April 2009. An extremely intense muon neutrino beam will be produced at the new accelerators complex built in Tokai, 100 Km from Tokyo. The neutrino beam will aim at the SuperKamiokande detector in Kamioka, 295 Km away from Tokai. The study of neutrino interactions in the SuperKamiokande 50 Kton water Cherenkov will lead to a precise determination of the parameters of neutrino mixing and to the possible discovery of the long searched subdominant νμ to νe oscillation.

The group of Roma "La Sapienza"

U. Dore - Professor of Physics
C. Gargiulo - Engineer INFN
P.F. Loverre - Professor of Physics (group leader, web site manager)
L. Ludovici - Researcher INFN