December 07, 2005

Antideuteron analysis (Mariusz Sapinski, Valentina Zambrano).
Mariusz reports about optimization of cuts in momentum reconstruction and ß reconstruction in RICH. The valuation of efficiency for momentum reconstruction after all cuts is about 64% while for ß reconstruction in RICH is about 84%.
Mariusz report is on pdf file for details.
Valentina reports about cuts on ß reconstruction in TOF. Still some details need to be optimized but at present about 56% of efficiency for signal and 0.8% for proton background are obtained.
More details about her report on pdf.

EM rewiring (Francesca Spada, Francesca Bucci).
A scheme of connections for each component is discussed. Rewiring will begin next monday December 12.
The scheme is available in pdf format.

Electronics (Alessandro Bartoloni).
Alessandro informs that the scheme for the QM backplane is completed. Also the specifications for the test station (project by G&A) have been fixed.

V. Zambrano "Cuts on ß reconstruction in tof for antideuterons analysis"