Lecture Contents

1)      The subatomic physics: radioactivity and the discovery of electron (CDEL*, Ch. 1 and 2)

2)      Scattering experiments. Cross section (CDEL, Sec. 3.1-3.6)

3)      The discovery of the atomic nucleus, the discovery of the proton and the neutron (CDEL, Ch. 3.7-3.10)

4)      The passage of radiation in matter (CDEL, Sec. 4.1-4.9)

5)      Particle detectors (CDEL, chap. 4.10)

6)      Interactions and particles (CDEL, Sec. 5.1-5.3)

7)      Strong interactions and Yukawa's hypothesis (CDEL, Sec. 5.4-5.7)

8)      Decay laws. Breit and Wigner formula (CDEL, Ch. 5.8-5.10)

9)      Cosmic rays and the discovery of the positron (CDEL, Sec. 6.1-6.2)

10)  Pions and muons (CDEL, Sec. 6.3-6.4)

11)  Strange particles (CDEL, chap. 6.5)

12)  Particle accelerators (CDEL, chap. 6.6)

13)  The discovery of the antiproton (CDEL, chap. 6.7)

14)  Neutrinos (CDEL, chap. 6.8)

15)  The parity. Symmetries C and T (CDEL, Sec. 7.1-7.3)

16)  Parity violation(CDEL, chap. 7.4)

17)  Isospin (CDEL, chap. 7.5)

18)  Hadronic resonances (CDEL, chap. 7.6)

19)  The quark model (CDEL, chap. 7.7)

20)  Property of nuclei: the masses and stability (CDEL, chap. 8)



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