My Device Drivers

This page contains the source code for the device drivers I developed. Unfortunately documentation is still poor, however you can contact me directly to get help in installing and make them working for your device.

C111A: this is the device driver to use the CAEN C111A CAMAC Crate Controller. It's rather old, but working. To compile and install simply untar the distribution somewhere, then cd into the distribution directory and type make, then make install.

USB2000: this is the device driver for the Ocean Optics USB2000 compact spectrophotometer. It still does not implement all the features, but at least you can configure basic parameters and read spectra from it. To install, just put the source code in /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb/misc and add the following line to the Makefile in the same directory:

obj-$(CONFIG_USB_S2000)         += usb2000.o
Then using your preferred configuration tool for the kernel select it to be compiled as a module and install it in the proper directory. You should then be able to read spectra from
You may need to create this device assigning it a major number of 180 and a minor number of 192.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further help. I recognize that written support is still quite poor.