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11 Febbraio 2016: Annuncio GW150914 a Cascina. 24 Febbraio 2016: Con Sabrina D'Antonio in ufficio

Stoccolma 8 Dic 2017, Nobel Prize lecture. With Kip Thorne and with Maria Alessandra Papa

Stoccolma Nobel Prize celebrations. 9/10 Dic 2017, LIGO/Virgo dinners. With Bernard Schutz and group picture (present only a few members, out of the many who contributed to the discoveries !)

Primo ricercatore INFN
Physics Department
of University of Rome "La Sapienza"  

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On 14 September 2015, WE HAVE for the first time DETECTED GRAVITATIONAL WAVES !

And I have been in the "PWT150914", the paper coordinating team (2 Virgo and 4 LIGO people)
  • See the LIGO magazine article "Detection" :
    Writing up history on TeamSpeak (Issue 8, 2016);

    And this is the detection PRL paper

    We then did it again ....several Black Holes and, on August 17, 2017 a Binary Neutron Star merger ! GW170817
    Infographics of GW170817. In italiano

    Find here the relevant papers, with all the details and implications: Relevant papers

    Comunicato ufficiale INFN for the first detection Click here

    Research activity:
    Other interesting links. Siti web outreach onde gravitazionali e altro.

  • Rivelatori di onde gravitazionali e materiale divulgativo. Outreach and gravitational waves:
  • Outreach in varie discipline scientifiche
  • Mini interferometro acceso Costruito nel nostro laboratorio Virgo, sotto la guida di Ettore M., da studenti di liceo

    Some pictures: