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Linux (informazioni generali e suo uso nella scuola)

Divulgazione di Fisica (a cura dei LNF)

Some interesting papers and links on g.w. data analysis:

LIGO working group on bursts: this page contains interesting links on data analysis papers click here!

C. Cutler, K. Thorne: "An overview of g.w. sources" (2002) pdf file

T. Nakamura et al.: "G.w. from coalescing black hole Macho Binaries " (1997) pdf file

L. S. Finn: "Gravitational radiation sources for acoustic detectors" (1996) pdf file

M. Maggiore: "G. w. experiments and early universe cosmology" (1999) pdf file

S. Frasca: "Gravitational event search with five resonant antennas " Proc. of the Second GWDAW workshop, Orsay (1997) Available at sissa gr-qc/0002008

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