Papers on Cosmic rays detection with Nautilus



  • " Energetic Cosmic Rays observed by the resonant gravitational wave detector NAUTILUS" (Phys. Letters B 499 (Feb 2001 16-22). PDF file. Available also at sissa gr-qc/0009066

  • "Cosmic rays observed by the Resonant Gravitational wave detector Nautilus" PRL, 84,1, (2000)14-17. PDF file. Included in the ''American Institute of Physics Bullettin of Physics News", number 465, 4 Jan 2000 click here!.

  • "Anomalous signals due to cosmic rays observed by the bar gravitational wave detector Nautilus" PDF file ( presented by F. Ronga,4th Amaldi Conf., Perth,2001- CQG 19,7, 2002)

  • "Effect of cosmic rays on the resonant g.w. detector Nautilus at temperature T=1.5 K" PDF file ( gr-qc/0206079, Physics Letters B 540 179-184 (2002))

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