Papers and relevant presentations on coincident observation of g.w. and GRBs


  This is the ppt code of the presentation of Pina Modestino at the SIGRAV conference, held in Frascati in Sept., 2002.
It is an overview on the work done and perspectives of the search for coincidences between g.w. and gamma-ray bursts ppt file:Searching for g.w. signal as counterparts of gamma-ray bursts.

  • " Search for correlation between GRB's detected by BeppoSax and gravitational wave detectors Explorer and Nautilus" (PRD 66 102002 (2002)). PDF file. Available also at sissa astro-ph/0206431

  • " On the cross-correlation between g.w. detectors for detecting association with gamma-ray bursts" (G. Modestino, A. Moleti, PRD 65:022005, 2002). PDF file. Available also at sissa astro-ph/0110620

  • " Algorithms for search of correlation between GRBs and g.w. bursts" (G. Modestino, G. Pizzella, Astronomy and Astrophysics 364, 419 2000). PDF file.

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