THE SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL NETWORK THE INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES with the Fetzer Institute and the Lifebridge Foundation BEYOND THE BRAIN ---------------- New Avenues in Consciousness Research August 24-27 1995 St. John's College Cambridge, England Second announcement (revised 24 Mar 1995) Speakers: Stan Grof - Charles Tart - Willis Harman - Peter Fenwick Ervin Laszlo - Stuart Hameroff - Marilyn Schlitz - Anne Baring - John Beloff Chris Clarke - Guy Claxton - David Fontana - Brian Josephson David Lorimer - Edgar Mitchell - Max Velmans Beyond the Brain: New Avenues in Consciousness Research Consciousness has recently become a fashionable topic. Conferences abound on the relationship between science and consciousness, but they are often limited in scope by the bias for materialistic explanations in cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and the neurosciences. Theoretical approaches restricted to varieties of physicalism (consciousness as an aspect or epiphenomenon of the brain) or functionalism (consciousness as an aspect of the brain's internal functioning) fail to address the evidence for non-local manifestations of mind in unusual states of consciousness, parapsychology and ordinary aspects of inner experience. Such approaches have provided important leads, but don't account for all data about the nature of consciousness. In this pioneering conference we will explore approaches consistent with current scientific findings but which point beyond the brain and account for evidence which is largely ignored by mainstream science. We will also illustrate ways in which consciousness can be refined and transformed. The meeting will be the most important conference of its kind in Europe this year. In order to be complete, a programme of consciousness studies for the next century will have to include: * a new concept of the self and its relation to the body * the intentional or volitional aspect of consciousness * a new way of looking at our essential nature and origin * a reconciliation of science with our sense of the spiritual * the creative aspects of consciousness and unconscious processes * a satisfactory theory of experiences and phenomena which appear anomalous in the prevailing worldview * an epistemology adequate to exploring a participatory universe in which consciousness is fundamental We have brought together world class speakers to explore new avenues beyond current orthodoxy and to put forward new and more comprehensive frameworks of understanding. The conference will feature keynote addresses, concurrent smaller sessions, and panels in which the speakers and participants will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and views. There will be an opportunity for poster sessions. Please apply on the registration form. The Venue The conference will take place at St. John's College, Cambridge, which was founded in 1511. Set in one of the most beautiful sites in Cambridge, the College offers an atmosphere of serenity that belies its central location among the city's shops, museums and restaurants. The renowned Bridge of Sighs leads from the 16th and 17th century courts to the 19th century Gothic New Court, which stands at the end of an expanse of grass and trees beside the River Cam, known for centuries as 'The Backs'. We hope you can join us! Lodging Residential accommodation will be available in New Court and the modern Cripps Building at the College. There is a choice of single rooms or twinned rooms (single beds in adjoining rooms), each with a desk, reading light, wash basin, shaving point, towels, soap and tea- and coffee-making facilities. A limited number of twinned rooms have en suite facilities; otherwise bathrooms are shared between four or five delegates. Different room rates apply. Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Non-residents are also welcome and can book in for dinner. Please see registration form. THE PROGRAMME Thursday 24th August 2.30 onwards: Registration 3.00 - 5.00 Tour of Cambridge Colleges 7.30 Dinner 9.15 Professor Willis Harman: Towards a Science of Consciousness: Do We Need a New Epistemology? Friday 25th August 9.15 Dr. Stanislav Grof: The Heuristic and Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness 11.30 Professor Stuart Hameroff: Quantum Coherence, Microtubules and Consciousness 1.00 Lunch 2.30 Parallel sessions: Professor Chris Clarke: Modelling Participatory Consciousness Professor Guy Claxton: Transcending the Illusion of the Ego Dr. Marilyn Schlitz: Intention and Intuition: Implications of Consciousness Research for Treatment and Diagnosis in Mind/Body Health 4.00 Tea 4.45 Professor Ervin Laszlo: Brains and Fields: Neuropsychological Implications of an Interconnected Universe 7.30 Dinner 9.15 Panel - Questions and discussion with the day's speakers Saturday 26th August 9.15 Dr. Peter Fenwick: Brain, Mind and Beyond 10.45 Coffee 11.30 Parallel Sessions: Dr. John Beloff: Physicalism and Parapsychology Dr. Max Velmans: Consciousness Studies: Dissolving the Boundary between Psychology and Physics Anne Baring: The Sleeping Beauty: the Awakening of Instinct into Consciousness 1.00 Lunch 2.30 Free time 4.00 Tea 4.45 Parallel sessions: Dr. Edgar Mitchell: A Model of Consciousness: Synthesizing What We Know Professor Brian Josephson: The Problem of the Relationship between the Physical and the Mental Professor David Fontana: Altered States through Meditation and Dreams David Lorimer: Survival: Memory Beyond the Brain? 7.30 Dinner 9.15 Poster Session and Discussion Sunday 27th August 9.15 Professor Charles Tart: Enlightenment, Altered States, Endarkenment: what Lies Beyond Ordinary Mind? 10.45 Coffee 11.30 Summary and discussion of critical issues raised 1.00 Lunch 2.30 General feedback and discussion 4.00 Tea and departures THE SPEAKERS Dr. Stanislav Grof MD is an internationally renowned psychiatrist and researcher into non-ordinary states of consciousness, a founder and chief theoretician of transpersonal psychology, and the founding president of the International Transpersonal Association. His books include: "Holotropic Mind", "The Adventure of Self-Discovery", "Beyond the Brain" and "The Stormy Search of the Self", the last written with Christina Grof. Co-developer, with Christina, of Holotropic Breathwork (R), he lectures and conducts professional trainings all over the world. Dr. Peter Fenwick, MB, BChir, FRCPsych, DPM is Chairman of the Council of the Scientific and Medical Network. He is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, Consultant Neurophysiologist at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, and Honorary Consultant in Neurophysiology to Broadmoor Special Hospital. He lectures widely all over the world on brain disorders and has made many appearances on radio and television. Professor Willis Harman PhD has been President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences since 1977. From Professor of Engineering-Economic Systems at Stanford, he moved to SRI International at Menlo Park, where for 16 years he did research on the future and strategic planning. He is the author of "Global Mind Change" and "Creative Work", as well as editor of the recently published "New Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science". Professor Ervin Laszlo DSc, PhD is the author and editor of 57 books and over 300 papers and articles. He is Chairman of the European Academy for Evolutionary Studies, Rector of the Forum for Advanced Evolutionary Studies and President of the newly formed Budapest Club as well as a Member of the Club of Rome. He is Editor of "World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution", and General Editor of "Global Policy: Studies on the 21st Century". He is an adviser to the Director-General of UNESCO. Professor Charles Tart PhD is Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis, and is internationally famous for research on altered states of consciousness, transpersonal psychology and parapsychology. His ten books include two classics, "Altered States of Consciousness" and "Transpersonal Psychologies". His "Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential" synthesised Buddhist, Sufi and Gurdjieffian mindfulness training ideas with modern psychology and his latest book, "Open Mind, Discriminating Mind", extends these explorations. Professor Stuart Hameroff MD is Associate Professor in the Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology in the University of Arizona. He divides his time between clinical care and research into the brain/mind problem. He is the author of "Ultimate Computing: Biomolecular Consciousness and Technology" and co-editor of the forthcoming "Toward a Science of Consciousness", a book based on a conference which he co-organised in Tucson in 1994. Dr. John Beloff BA, PhD is an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Psychology in the University of Edinburgh. He has had an abiding interest in parapsychology and its implications for the philosophy of mind. He has served as president of the Parapsychological Association and of the Society for Psychical Research. He is author of "The Existence of Mind", "Psychological Sciences", "The Relentless Question", "Parapsychology: A Concise History"; and co-editor (with J.R. Smythies) of "The Case for Dualism". Anne Baring MA is a member of the Association of Jungian Analysts, London and the author, with Jules Cashford, of "The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image", a children's book, "The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time" and, with Andrew Harvey, "The Mystic Vision". She is passionately interested in the way consciousness seems to be guiding its own expansion towards a greater understanding of itself through the human psyche. Professor Chris Clarke MA, PhD is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. His main research area is in gravitation theory and the nature of space-time, which he has more recently combined with research on magnetic measurements of the brain and on the nature of consciousness. He has a practical interest in religious experience and is author of the recently published "Reality Through the Looking Glass". Professor Guy Claxton MA, DPhil, AFBPsS, CPsychol is Visiting Professor in Psychology and Education at the University of Bristol. He is the author of many books, including "Wholly Human, Beyond Therapy" and "The Heart of Buddhism". His latest book, "Noises from the Darkroom: The Science and Mystery of Mind", explores ways of transcending the illusion of selfhood. Professor David Fontana BA, MEd, PhD, CPsychol is reader in Educational Psychology at the University of Wales in Cardiff. He is also Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Minho in Portugal and Visiting Professor at the University of Algarve. His many books on topics such as dreaming, educational psychology, psychotherapy, meditation, time management and allied topics have appeared in eleven languages. Professor Brian Josephson MA, PhD, FRS is Professor of Physics in the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on tunnelling supercurrents, but since that time has focussed much of his attention on the limitations of conventional modes of scientific thinking and the creation of a paradigm which will overcome some of these limitations. His particular interests include higher states of consciousness, the organisation associated with intelligence, and paranormal phenomena. David Lorimer MA is Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He is author of "Survival? Body, Mind and Death in the Light of Psychic Experience" and "Whole in One: The Near-Death Experience and the Ethic of Interconnectedness". He was formerly a teacher of modern languages and philosophy at Winchester College. Dr. Edgar Mitchell ScD has been a pioneer in modern efforts to expand science towards understanding consciousness and inner experience. He was an Apollo astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon. He is the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers. He is author of "Psychic Exploration". Dr. Marilyn Schlitz PhD is Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Trained in anthropology and parapsychology, she has published numerous articles on consciousness-related issues, including cross-cultural healing, psi research and sociolinguistics. Prior to joining the staff of IONS, she held the Thomas Welton Stanford Psychical Research Chair in the Department of Psychology, Stanford University, and conducted studies of remote perception phenomena at the Science Applications International Corporation. Dr. Max Velmans BEng, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS is Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths College in the University of London. He has written numerous papers on science and consciousness and is editor of a forthcoming academic textbook on this subject. He is founder of the Mind/Body special interest group within the British Psychological Society. The Scientific and Medical Network is an informal international group consisting mainly of qualified scientists and doctors, together with engineers, psychologists, philosophers, therapists and other professionals. The Network came into existence in 1973 and now has over 1,350 Members in more than fifty countries. It questions the assumptions of contemporary scientific and medical thinking, so often limited by exclusively materialistic reasoning. By remaining open to intuitive and spiritual insights, it fosters a climate in which science as a whole can adopt a more comprehensive and sensitive approach. Anyone interested may join the Network as an Associate Member and receive our publication "Network", while qualified professionals are welcome to join as Full Members. Further details: The Scientific and Medical Network, Lesser Halings, Tilehouse Lane, Denham, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5DG. Tel/Fax: 01895 835818, email The Institute of Noetic Sciences is an international nonprofit organisation with nearly 50,000 Members. Founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, the Institute of Noetic Sciences supports research and education on consciousness, human potential, and emerging paradigms in science and society. Basic annual membership of the Institute is $35. Members receive subscriptions to the quarterly "Noetic Sciences Review", the quarterly "Noetic Sciences Bulletin", and Noetic Sciences Re-Source: an Intelligent Guide to Books and Tapes. Members also have the opportunity to participate in Institute-sponsored travel programmes, community groups, conferences and special events. To receive a free information pack about the Institute, write to The Institute of Noetic Sciences, 475 Gate Five Road, Suite 300, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA. Tel: (415) 331 5650. The Fetzer Institute is a non-profit educational organization that promotes research into health care methods that use the principles of mind/body phenomena. The Institute believes that the study of the mind's influence on the body - and the relationship between the body, mind and spirit - can provide the basis for developing scientifically sound approaches to health care that can expand the scope of medical science and give individuals greater control over their own health. The Lifebridge Foundation, Inc. was established in 1992 with principal funding from Paul M. Hancock, a pioneer in contemporary communications. It supports organisations and individuals whose innovative projects in the arts, education and science promote transformative action in a rapidly changing world. It holds a fundamentally spiritual approach to the concept of the interconnectedness of all life and the fact of the One Humanity as exemplified by the inevitable emergence of a global culture. Tape Recording: Individual tape recording is not permitted, but tapes will be available on site. TRAVEL INFORMATION (preliminary) Conference delegates arriving by air may wish to know that the closest airport to Cambridge is London/Stansted, which has an hourly coach service to Cambridge, journey time 45 minutes (but few airlines use the airport; connections exist however to Paris, Amsterdam, etc.). Heathrow is preferable to Gatwick as the coach journey is an hour shorter (2 hours approx.); if you take the faster alternative of the train from Gatwick either a journey on the underground or a 200 yards walk through London streets at King's Cross is necessary in order to link the two train lines involved in London (there is also a direct, but slow, underground link between Heathrow and King's Cross). There is a good rail service between Cambridge and London/King's Cross with trains every half hour, journey time typically an hour or slightly less. ___________________________________________________________________________ N.B.: the organisers have asked that it be pointed out that registration fees have been calculated on the basis of participants also taking one of the 'accommodation' options. The L75 option is the day delegate rate (incl.VAT), which includes coffee, 3-course lunch, tea and conference facilities. REGISTRATION FORM To: David Middleton, Conference Administrator, Merry Cottage, Grafton, Hereford HR2 8BL. Tel: 01432-276966, email: US Registrations to Institute of Noetic Sciences, 475 Gate Five Road, Suite 300, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA, Attention Rose Welch. Tel: (415) 331-5650 Fax: (415) 331-5673, email: Full Name ................................................... Address ................................................... ................................................... ................................................... ................................................... Phone .................................................. TO REGISTER To book a place, please send a pds. sterling Cheque/Bankers' Draft/ Eurocheque (or credit card details) for the registration fee, made out to SMN Projects Ltd., to the Conference Administrator (US registrations, see above). 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