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  • IGEC documentation. The agreement: html file

  • "First search for gravitational wave bursts with a network of detectors" PDF file. Available also at sissa astro-ph/0007308 (Phys. Rev. Lett, 85, 5046-5050, 2000 ) (Included in the ''American Institute of Physics Bullettin of Physics News", number 514, 29 Nov 2000 .

  • "Initial operation of the International gravitational event collaboration" PDF file. Available also at sissa astro-ph/0003106 (International Journal of Mod. Phys D9 (2000) 237-245)

  • "Search for gravitational wave bursts by the network of resonant detectors" PDF file (presented by G. Prodi at the 4th Amaldi Conf., Perth,2001- CQG 19,7,2002)

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