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SUPERSTRIPES NEWS - a digital publication
SUPERSTRIPES NEWS                     Vol. 1, No. 2 February, 2001

High Tc diffuses from perovskites to intermetallics

On January 10 at the Symposium on Transition Metal Oxides held in Sendai Jun Akimitsu of Aoyama-Gakuin University in Tokyo reported the discovery of his group (J. Nagamatsu, N. Nakagawa,T. Muranaka,Y. Zenitani and J.Akimitsu) of superconductivity at 39K in MgB2. The high Tc superconductivity in this material appears to be free from any magnetic effect unlike the cuprate superconductors. It shows a natural nanostructure made of superconducting B layers intercalated by Mg layers. The discovery has been confirmed by several groups in the world, opening new hopes for application of superconductivity.

Superconductvity in DNA molecule has been discovered by A. Yu Kasumov et al (Science 12 Jan 2001 Vol. 291 pag. 280). The interest on metallic conduction at atomic scale previously studied in metallic multilayers, mesoscopic wires made of noble metals and carbon nanotubes led them to reach at this break-through.

Saga University group and collaborators (X. G. Zheng, C. N. Xu, Y. Tomokiyo, E. Tanaka, H. Yamada, and Y. Soejima) have observed charge stripes in the simplest copper oxide, CuO, by real-space images obtained by electron microscopy. Charge-ordered domains and normal-lattice domains exist alternatively in single crystal of CuO. The observation of charge stripes in this basic compound has important implications for the physics of the cuprate perovskites.


1- A new book on Stripes and Related Phenomena has been published by Kluwer Academic Plenum Publishers. It contains the proceedings of Stripes98 with the contributions of main research groups in the field. Information and summary can be found on the web page, clicking on "Conferences" button.

2- The proceedings of Stripes2000 has been published as a special volume by Intern.Journal of Modern Physics, Vol.14 No. 29,30,31. The index of all contributions can be found on the web page, clicking on "Conferences" button, then on "Stripes2000" and "Proceedings" buttons.

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