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SUPERSTRIPES NEWS - a digital publication
SUPERSTRIPES NEWS                     Vol. 1, No. 4 Oct. 2001

Upcoming Conference on Artificial and Natural Nanostructures
Aula Convegni of CNR, P.le Aldo Moro, Roma
December 10-12, 2001

The knowledge and development of heterogeneous materials at the atomic limit is of high scientific and technological interest.
This symposium is addressed to advances in metallic heterostructures as MgB2, CaSi2, fullerenes, perovskites and artificial metallic nanowires. The main theme ofbthe proposed symposium is to discuss new results obtained by research groups on these materials using advanced experimental methods. The symposium will be held in the CNR building, P. le Aldo Moro 2, adjacent to the main campus of University of Roma “La Sapienza” located at the Rome downtown.
The scientific program consists of invited and contributory talks.
- Natural heterostructure materials
- Artificial heterostructures
- AlB2 structures
- C60 Fullerenes
- Layered structures
- Low dimensional systems
- Striped and Charge Ordered structures
- Photoinduced nanoarchitectures
J. Akimitsu, Japan
A. Bansil, USA
B. Batlogg, USA
G. Benedek, Italy
A. Bianconi, Italy
S.J.L. Billinge, USA
P.C. Canfield, USA
C. Carbone, Italy
S.W. Cheong, USA
C.W. Chu, USA
S. Conradson, USA
A. De Lozanne, USA
O.V. Dolgov, Germany
A. Fujimori, Japan
O. Gunnarsson, Germany
F. Himpsel, USA
J. Jorgensen, USA
M. Kawasaki, Japan
S. Massidda, Italy
I. Mazin, USA
M. Oshima, Japan
H. Oyanagi, Japan
P. Perfetti, Italy
W.E. Pickett, USA
M. Sancrotti, Italy
L. Pietronero, Italy
C.N.R. Rao, India
Z.X. Shen, USA
Y. Takano, Japan
M. Tanaka, Japan
E. Tosatti, Italy
K Tsuei, Taiwan
T. Yildirim, USA
Z. Zhao, China


Abstracts Submission: 15 November 2001
Notification of Acceptance: 25 November 2001
Registration: 30 November 2001
Manuscript Submission: 10 December 2001
A. Bianconi (Chairman)
N.L. Saini (Co-Chairman)
A. De Grossi (Secretary)
J. Akimitsu (Tokyo)
A.Bianconi (Roma)
A.Bansil (Boston)
G.Benedek (Milano)
P.C.W. Chu (Hong Kong)
S.W.Cheong (Rutgers)
A.Fujimori (Tokyo)
H.Oyanagi (Tsukuba)
C.N.R.Rao (Bangalore)
A.Saccone (Genova)
N.L.Saini (Roma)
S.K.Saxena (Miami)
Z.X.Shen (Stanford)

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