The Research Group Superstripes is actively involved on the basic research on
condensed-matter physics in the following topics:
  1. Microscopic Mechanism giving High Tc Superconductivity.
  2. The transition for the Electron Gas from a Polarized Fluid to a Wigner Crystal
  3. Self-organization of charge in Striped Phases
  4. Superlattices of Quantum Stripes for the amplification of the Superconducting Critical Temperature. Synthesis of new materials using the process for Tc amplifation discosed in the patent "High-Temperature Superconductors made by Metal Heterostructures at Atomic Limit" toward Room Temperature Superconductivity : 1) PCT /WO 9516281, 2) European Patent EP 73327, 3) Japanese Patent JP 2868621
  5. Polarons in Perovskite Materials

Research activity

The Superstripes Group is running experiments on:

X-ray diffraction investigation of charge ordering at the metal to insulator Wigner Transition at Electra Storage Ring in Trieste
High resolution EXAFS using Ge multidetector at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble - France
Oxygen-isotope effect on the charge-stripe formation temperature in collaboration with Guo-meng Zhao, K. Conder, H. Keller, and K.A. Müller of Zürich University

Participants at the Zürich Symposium on Polarons and their Condensation, November 10-11,1999, organized by A.K. Müller and G.-M. Zhao

Processes for Tc amplification by realization of artificial superlattices of quantum stripes
(from Physics World, Vol.11, n..7 p.20, July 1998)
Topology of the Fermi surface by high resolution photoemission