Prof. Antonio Bianconi

Born: Rome, 19 dec 1944

1969 Doctor degree in Physics at University of Rome

1970-1972 Euratom-ENEA Laboratory at Frascati Italy 1969-1972, researcher

1973-1975 Camerino University, Italy, Assistant Professor; and research associate at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Frascati, Italy

1976-1977 Stanford University, SSRL, visiting professor and research associate Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto California

1978-1979 Camerino University, Italy, Assistant Professor

1980-1985 Rome University, Associate Professor of Experimental Physics

1986-1991 L'Aquila University, Italy, Professor of Medical Physics

1987- Visiting professor Tsukuba, Photon factory, Japan

1992 -Visiting Professor, Paris VII University, France

1993-today Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Professor of Biophysics


His teachers have been: Gaetano Fichera, Gilberto Bernardini, Edoardo Amaldi, Bruno Tusheck, Giorgio Careri; he has worked and discussed with Ugo Fano, Paolo Fasella, Fred Brown, Seb Doniach, Britton Chance, Maurizio Brunori, Max Perutz, John Pendry, Alex K. Müller, Hans Frauefelder et al.


Number of publications in interantional journals with referees: 325 from 1969-today

Quantitative report from ISI Web of Science from 1991-today neglecting publications in the 1969-1991 period:

Publications, 286

Sum of citations, 4060

Citations per item, 14.20

H-index, 33


H-index, 40 including the papers published in the 1969-1991 period from google scholar.



He has been working in the field of biophysics since 1977 starting with the first applications of XANES (x-ray absorption near edge structure), named by him, using synchrotron radiation to the determination of the local structure of active sites of metalloproteins in solution.

He has contributed to several topics:

XANES of metal ions in biological membranes

XANES of calcium binding proteins: calmodulin, S100, troponin-C, parvalbumin

Active site structure of hemoglobin, myoglobin,

Ligand binding angle in emoproteins in solution and crystal

Polarized X-ray absorption of proteins

Local Fe structure modulation in the rransition between T-R conformations in hemoglobin

Effect of allosteric effectors in hemoglobin conformations

Cu K.edge XANES investigations of Hemocyanins

Structure-function relationship in the serotransferrin

Determination of the first intemediate state of CO in photodissociated carbonmonoxy myoglobin

Modulation of active sites in mutant myoglobin

The site structure modulation and function of tyrosinase in solution

The conformations landscape of the active site in myoglobin in the denaturation process

The introduction of TDXAS temperature dependent x-ray absorption spectroscopy for determination of the conformation landscape of carbonmonoxymyoglobin

The possible role of Feshbach resonances in biomolecular association and dissociation processes for evading quantum decoherence in living matter.



Selected pubblications in Biophysics


[1]                 The Emergence of Life in the Universe at the Epoch of Dark Energy Domination Nicola Poccia, Alessandro Ricci, Antonio Bianconi, Journal of Cosmology, 5, 875-882, (2010 ).


[2]                 A Possible Mechanism for Evading Temperature Quantum Decoherence in Living Matter by Feshbach Resonance Nicola Poccia, Alessandro Ricci, Davide Innocenti and Antonio Bianconi Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2009, 10(5), 2084-2106; doi:10.3390/ijms10052084 (special issue on the origin of life)". http://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/10/5/2084


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He has introduced new physical experimental methods and concepts:

XEOL: x-ray emission optical luminescence;

XANES: x-ray absorption near edge structure, due to multiple scattering resonances for detecting high order correlation function of the local structure in complex systems:

SUPERSTRIPES: heterostructures at atomic limit where the quantum mechansm for evading temperature decoherence effects appears by tuning the chemecal potential.


Moreover he has been working in:

Liquid helium film

Photon-surface plasmon wave transformation

Photoemission spectroscopy of complex disordered systems since 1975

Synchrotron radiation research since 1972

Core excitons in synchrotron radiation absorption spectroscopy

Shape resonances in synchrotron radiation absorption spectroscopy

Multiple scattering resonances in XANES of complex systems

Ions in solution.


Surfaces and interfaces

Correlated electronic systems

Valence fluctuation systems

High temperature superconductors