International Conference

Superstripes 2013

Rome May 27th,

June 1st , 2013


A web page on SUPERSTRIPES

SUPERSTRIPES are metallic heterostructures at the atomic limit for the amplification of the superconducting critical temperature Tc .
SUPERSTRIPES are formed by superlattices of superconducting units (layers, or stripes, or wires, or spheres or balls) separated by an intercalated material. SUPERSTRIPES show multiband high Tc superconductivity driven by the Shape Resonance or Feshbach Resonance in the Interband Pairing that occurs by tuning the chemical potential at an "electronic topological transition" (ETT) where the Fermi surface topology of one of the bands changes its dimensionality. The maximum Tc amplification is reached in SUPERSTRIPES tuning the chemical potential to "shape resonance" by changing:
the charge density and/or the superlattice structural parameters.


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