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Tue 07/07Wed 08/07Thu 09/07Fri 10/07
9.20-9.55M. SampaioJ.C. DegolladoM. HorbatschP. Pani
9.55-10.30W. CookH. RunarssonA. MaselliR. Brito
10.30-11.00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
11.00-12.00U. Sperhake
(Discussion Session)
C. Herdeiro
(Discussion Session)
E. Berti
(Discussion Session)
L. Gualtieri
(Discussion Session)
14.20-14.55H. SilvaL. CrispinoC. BenoneE. de Oliveira
14.55-15.30R. BernarC. MacedoG. CamelioS. Carloni
15.30-16.00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
16.00-Free DiscussionFree DiscussionFree DiscussionFree Discussion

Carolina Benone (Parà U., Brazil)Acoustic clouds in a draining bathtub
Rafael Bernar (Parà U., Brazil)Properties in the infrared of the graviton two-point function in static de Sitter space
Richard Brito (IST, Lisbon, Portugal)Probing fundamental fields with compact stars
Giovanni Camelio ("Sapienza" U., Rome, Italy)Gravitational waves from proto-neutron stars
Sante Carloni (IST, Lisbon, Portugal)Dynamical systems in f(R) cosmologies
Juan Carlos Degollado (UNAM, Mexico)Gravitational wave signatures of massive scalar fields around black holes
William Cook (Cambridge U., UK)Wave Extraction in Higher Dimensional Numerical Relativity
Luis Crispino (Parà U., Brazil)Wave scattering by black holes
Ednilton De Oliveira (Parà U., Brazil)Spin-1 scattering from static charged black holes
Michael Horbatsch (Nottingham U., UK)Multiscalar Tensor Theories
Caio Macedo (Parà U., Brazil)Spontaneous scalarization in anisotropic matter
Andrea Maselli (GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, US)Slowly-rotating black hole solutions in Horndeski theory
Paolo Pani ("Sapienza" U., Rome, Italy)Probing fundamental fields with black holes
Helgi Runarsson (Aveiro U., Portugal)Kerr black holes with self-interacting scalar hair
Marco Sampaio (Aveiro U., Portugal)Perturbative solutions vs Numerical evolution in gravitational shock wave collisions in D-dimensions
Hector Silva (Mississippi U., Oxford, US)A post-TOV formalism for relativistic stars
Discussion Sessions
Emanuele Berti (Mississippi U., Oxford, US)Tests of modified gravity in astrophysical settings
Leonardo Gualtieri ("Sapienza" U., Rome, Italy)Gravitational signatures of fundamental fields
Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro U., Portugal)Black hole solutions in modified gravity & with extra fundamental fields
Ulrich Sperhake (Cambridge U., UK)Black hole collisions beyond astrophysics
Abstract List