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Born in Gallipoli (Lecce), October 9 1968

Married, one son: Gabriele


1993 - Graduation in Physics, University of Lecce

1998 - Ph.D in Physics, University of Lecce

Positions held

May 1998 - February 2000 Postdoctoral position at NIC, Forschungszentrum Juelich, with Prof Peter Grassberger

March 2000 - December 2000 Postdoctoral position at Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto with Prof Stu Whittington

January 2001 - December 2002 INFM Postdoctoral position ``Giovani valenti'' at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) with Prof Sergio Caracciolo

January 2003 - May 2005 Postdoctoral position at the Physics Department of the University of Rome "La Sapienza'' with Prof Giovanni Ciccotti

since June 2005 - CASPUR working in the group of Mario Rosati


M.S. Causo, G. Ciccotti, D. Montemayor, S. Bonella, D.F. Coker, ``An adiabatic linearized path integral approach for quantum time correlation functions: electronic transport in metal-molten salt solutions'', to appear in Journal of Physical Chemistry

M.S. Causo, S.G. Whittington, ``A Monte Carlo investigation of the localization transition in random copolymers at an interface'', Journal of Physics A 36, L189 (2003)

M.S. Causo, B. Coluzzi, P. Grassberger ``A simple model for DNA denaturation transition", Physica A 314, 607 (2002)

M.S. Causo, ``Universal shape ratios for polymers grafted at a flat surface", Journal of Chemical Physics 117, 6789 (2002)

M.S. Causo, ``Cut-and-permute algorithm for self-avoiding walks in the presence of surfaces", Journal of Statistical Physics 108, 247 (2002)

S. Caracciolo, M.S. Causo, A. Pelissetto, P. Rossi, E. Vicari, ``Crossover phenomena in spin models with medium-range interactions and self-avoiding walks with medium-range jumps'', Physical Review E 64, 046130 (2001)

E.J. Janse van Rensburg, A. Rechnitzer, M.S. Causo, S.G. Whittington, ``Self-averaging sequences in the statistical mechanics of random copolymers'', Journal of Physics A 34, 6381 (2001)

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S. Caracciolo, M.S. Causo and A. Pelissetto, ``Universality of Subleading Exponents Induced by One-Dimensional Defects: the Case of Self-Avoiding Walks'', Proceedings of the School ``The Physics of Complex Systems", CXXXIV Course of the International School of Physics E. Fermi, Varenna, June 1996, 673 (1997).

E. Alfinito, M.S. Causo, G. Profilo, G. Soliani, ``A class of nonlinear wave equations containing the continuous Toda case", Journal of Physics A 31, 2173 (1998)

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S. Caracciolo, M.S. Causo, A. Pelissetto, ``Universality of subleading corrections for self-avoiding walks in the presence of one-dimensional defects", Journal of Physics A 30, 4939 (1997)

M.S. Causo, M. Martino, V. Nassisi, ``Photoelectron-beam generation up to short threshold", Applied Physics B 59, 19 (1994)

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