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The cross section value with only Type A uncertainties

The analysed data sample corresponds to a luminosity ${\cal L}_{data} = 236.5$ nb$^{-1}$. From the unfolding procedure we get:
N_{PhP} = (231.5 \pm 2.0) \cdot 10^{3}
\end{displaymath} (6)

that means, translated into a cross section:
\sigma_{e p} = 0.979 \pm 0.008 \; \; \; \mu b
\end{displaymath} (7)

with a $Q^2_{max} = 0.3$ GeV$^2$ and $y > 0.6$, given by the generated photoproduction Monte Carlo events.

Giulio D'Agostini 2004-05-05