Proceedings instructions available - Proceedings deadline: January 15th, 2016 - Visit the Photo Gallery - LC2016 on September 2016, in Lisboa -
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LC2015 belongs to a conference series that started in 1991 under the supervision of the International Light Cone Advisory Committee and showed, year by year, to play a vital role in promoting the research towards a rigorous description of hadrons and nuclei, based on Light-Cone quantization methods. A strong relation with the experimental activity represents an important commitment of the Light-Cone community, with the ambition ''to assist in the development of crucial experimental tests at hadron facilities''. To emphasize this goal, the LC2015 venue will be the INFN National Laboratories in Frascati. In anticipation of opportunities afforded by new facilities, such as the 12 GeV upgrade of Th. Jefferson Natl. Lab, the FAIR facility at GSI, J-PARC, and other facilities around the globe, we aim to have a scientific program that could have a stimulating impact on the forefront research development of nuclear, hadron and particle physics. In particular, LC2015 will address the following topics:

Hadron Physics in present and future facilities Nonperturbative methods in quantum field theory
AdS/CFT - Theory and applications Light-front field theory in QCD and QED
Few-body problems on the Light Cone Lattice Gauge Theories
Relativistic models of nuclear and hadronic structures
I.L.C.A.C.Istituto Nazionale di Fisica NucleareJSA Jefferson Science Associates