Rome 1 group of the ROG collaboration

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Rome 1 group of the ROG Gravitational Wave Experiment ( Explorer and Nautilus detectors )

We are researchers of

INFN, Rome
and Physics Department
of the University of Rome "La Sapienza"

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ROG Spokeperson: Prof. Eugenio Coccia (


The goal of the experiment is to look for gravitational waves

Explorer Nautilus Gravitational Wave Antennas

    Explorer detector

    Nautilus detector

    Some pictures of Explorer,Nautilus detectors

    Explorer and Nautilus noise spectral densities

Papers from the Spires data base are here

Since the year 2001, the bandwidth of the Explorer detector has increased. Also the bandwidth of Nautilus has increased, since the year 2003. The new system is described here:
``Increasing the bandwidth of resonant g. w. antennas: the case of Explorer'' Phys. Rev. Lett. 91:111101, 2003 and gr-qc/0307120 PDF file

Presentation given by Eugenio Coccia at the 4th LISA symposium, held in Penn State, July 2002:
``Bars in the short and medium-term future`` ppt file

This is the HTML code of the presentation by Pia Astone at the ERE 2003 conference (Alicante, September 2003):
The Explorer and Nautilus g.w. detectors: recent results and future plans.

This is the HTML code of the presentation by Pia Astone at the GWDAW 2003 conference (Milwaukee, December 2003):
Seven years of data taking and analysis with the Explorer and Nautilus gravitational wave detectors.

Research Fields of Interest

    Gravity waves data analysis (bursts, continuos waves, stochastic waves)

    Papers on coincident observation of Cosmic Rays and Nautilus data

    Papers on coincident observation of Gamma-Ray bursts and Explorer and Nautilus data

Data Exchange

    IGEC Site

    Collaborative Data analysis CDA

    ILIAS N5/GWA WG2 bullettin board

    Ideas for Future Projects

    Array Detector

    Link to MiniGrail the spherical Detector in Leiden

People in the Rome group of the ROG collaboration

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    Dal Libro CIRG: Tutorial sulla ricerca di onde gravitazionali (italiano)

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