Gravitational Physics in Rome

Cementerio de Trenes, Uyuni (Bolivia), 1999 - courtesy of Gianni Battimelli

University of Rome "Sapienza"
Department of Physics,
P.le A. Moro 2, 00185 Rome


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Omar Benhar (INFN Research Director)
Francisco Forteza  (Postdoc) 
Tiziano Abdelsalhin  (PhD Student) 
Guilherme Raposo  (PhD Student) 


According to General Relativity, the emission of gravitational waves is associated to a variety of physical processes that range from astrophysical phenomena - such as the evolution and coalescence of binary systems, gravitational collapse, stellar oscillations and instabilities - to cosmological processes that developed in the very early universe. Signals produced in these processes have different intensities, shapes and characteristic frequencies; some of them are emitted in short bursts, some are continuous, some superimpose to form stochastic backgrounds with spectral properties that depend on the generating phenomenon. The Rome group is concerned primarily with the study of the characteristic features of gravitational signals emitted by astrophysical sources, and of the spectral properties of stochastic backgrounds they generate.

The research interests of the group include:


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