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The gain in popularity Bayesian methods have enjoyed in recent years is due to various conceptual and practical advantages they have over other approaches, among which are: In this article we have seen how to build a theory of uncertainty in measurement as a straightforward application of the basic Bayesian ideas, without unnecessary principles or ad hoc prescriptions. In particular, the uncertainty due to systematic errors can be treated in a consistent and powerful way.

Providing an exact solution for inferential problems can easily lead to computational difficulties. We have seen several ways to overcome such difficulties, either by using suitable approximations, or by using modern computational methods. In particular, it has been shown that the approximate solution often coincides with a `conventional' method, but only under well defined conditions. Thus, for example, minimum $\chi^2$ formulae can be used, with a Bayesian spirit and with a natural interpretation of the results, in all those routine cases in which the analyst considers as reasonable the conditions of their validity.

A variety of examples of applications have been shown, or mentioned, in this paper. Nevertheless, the aim of the author was not to provide a complete review of Bayesian methods and applications, but rather to introduce those Bayesian ideas that could be of help in understanding more specialized literature. Compendia of the Bayesian theory are given in (Bernardo and Smith 1994, O'Hagan A 1994 and Robert 2001). Classic, influential books are (Jeffreys 1961, de Finetti 1974, Jaynes 1998). Among the many books introducing Bayesian methods, (Sivia 1996) is particularly suitable for physicists. Other recommended texts which treat general aspects of data analysis are (Box and Tiao 1973, Bretthorst 1988, Lee 1989, Gelman et al 1995, Cowell et al 1999, Denison et al 2002, Press 2002). More specific applications can be found in the proceedings of the conference series and several web sites. Some useful starting points for web navigation are given:

ISBA book list
UAI proceedings dsl/UAI/uai.html
IPP Bayesian analysis group
Valencia meetings
Maximum Entropy resources
MCMC preprint service

I am indebted to Volker Dose and Ken Hanson for extensive discussions concerning the contents of this paper, as well as for substantial editorial help. The manuscript has also benefited from comments by Tom Loredo.


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