Lesson on Geant4 and MC at African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications, Windhoek (Namibia) 3rd July 2018

Indico event of the first lesson

Indico event of the second lesson

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How to download and run the python examples

scl enable python27 bash
pip2.7 install matplotlib --user

mkdir example
cd example
wget http://www.roma1.infn.it/~mancinit/Teaching/ASP2018/integral.py
python2.7 integral.py

wget http://www.roma1.infn.it/~mancinit/Teaching/ASP2018/calculatepi.py
python2.7 calculatepi.py

How to download, compile and run the Geant4 example

source /opt/geant/geant4.10.04.p01-install/bin/geant4.sh
git clone https://github.com/carlomt/AnaEx01.git 
mkdir anaEx01build
cd anaEx01build
cmake -DGeant4_DIR=/opt/geant/geant4.10.04.p01-install ../AnaEx01

Suggestions on how to install Geant4