The NEMO Roma group Web Page


-      Scientific motivations (presently only in Italian)


-      Our main activities

o     development of NEMO electronics

.      PMT digitization and data collection

.      Data/Commands on-shore/off-shore transmission

.      Slow Control

.      Trigger and data acquisition on-shore


o   "km3" site selection and evaluation


o   Development of software codes for events simulation and for events reconstruction

.      Collection of memos on software development (since 1999)

.   Event Display (few examples, only simulation events in a 81 Tower detector at different energies): 41 TeV, 551 TeV, 939 TeV, 714 TeV


-      . . .  but also engaged in:


o   AND (development of Acoustic Underwater High Energy Neutrino Detection Techniques)


-      . . . and in KM3NeT: a common ANTARES-NEMO-NESTOR Design Study for an European "km3" Cherenkov Neutrino Telescope



-      NEMO Collaboration group photos 1 & 2



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Last Update: Jul 5th, 2005.