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The result of Ref. [1] has been reproduced, using some simplifying assumptions that allow most calculations to be performed analytically. The consistency of the pieces information on $\bar {\rho}$ and $\bar{\eta}$ coming from the different constraints, as well as that relating the constraints to the uncertain parameters of the theory (see Ref. [1] for details), is almost ``too good'', suggesting that the final uncertainties are most likely somewhat overestimated.

We all are looking forward to the results of the $B$ factories and the next generation of experiments on the CKM matrix parameters, hoping to find evidence of new phenomenology that would give new vitality to particle physics.

It is a pleasure to thank my friends Achille et al. (Ref. [1]) which have dragged me into this business.

Giulio D'Agostini 2004-01-20