Lara Benfatto    

Research Interests

I'm researcher at the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, belonging to the ISC-Sapienza Unit. My activity concerns theoretical problems connected to the physics of correlated electron systems in low dimensions. In particular I have been dealing with the physics of high-temperature cuprate and pnictide superconductors, graphene, and more recently conventional superconductors at strong disorder. The main topics of my work can be summarized as:

- Superconducting phase fluctuations
- Charge-density wave and stripe formation
- Optical sum rule
- Unconventional magnetism due to Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions
- Kosterlitz-Thouless behavior in quasi-2D systems
- Spectroscopic and optical properties of graphene
- High-Temperature Superconductivity in cuprates and pnictides
- Superconductor-Insulator transition in conventional superconductors

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