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The GPU2016 program consists of invited talks as well as oral or poster contributions.We welcome submission of abstracts presenting original research and practical results of GPU and many-core computing in all areas of Science, including but not limiting to:

- Astrophysics
- Biophysics and Biomedicine
- Computational Seismology
- Condensed Matter
- Cosmology
- Development of Hybrid, Dedicated, Massively Parallel Systems for Scientific    Computing
- Dynamics of Stellar and Galactic Systems
- Hydrodynamics
- Meteorology
- Molecular Dynamics
- Particle Physics
- Physics of Complex Systems
- Physics of Matter -- Quantum Chromodynamics
- Software Framework and Tools for GPU Code Integration
- Statistical Mechanics
- Computational neuroscience
- Social science

Presentations are mainly thought as aiming to the identification of the benefits given by the usage of GPUs and many-core processors in different scientific contexts in which they showed to be a relevant computational tool, and to discuss their impact in past and future scientific research.

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Social events