Mon Sep. 26th   Tue Sep 27th   Wed Sep. 28th
9:15-9:30 Welcoming Address        
  Morning Session 1 - Chairman: M. Bauce   Morning Session 1 - Chairman: M. Spera   Morning Session 1 - Chairman: P. Vicini
9:30-10:05 Ivan Kisel (Goethe U. Frankfurt) "Heavy-ion physics on many-core computer architectures". 9:30-10:05 Claudio Bonati (INFN Pisa) "The computational challenges of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics" 9:30-9:55 Antonio Augusto Alves Junior (Cincinnati) "MCBooster and Hydra: two libraries for high performance computing and data analysis in massively parallel platforms"
10:05-10:30 Junichi Kanzaki (KEK) "Monte Carlo integration and event generation on GPU and their application to particle physics" 10:05-10:30 Yohei Miki (Tsukuba) "GOTHIC: Gravitational Oct-Tree code accelerated by Hierarchical time step Controlling" 9:55-10:20 David Rohr (FIAS Frankfurt) "Portable generic applications for GPUs and multi-core processors: An analysis of possible speedup, maintainability and verification at the example of track reconstruction for ALICE at LHC"
10:30-10:55 Andrea Biagioni (INFN) "NaNet: a family of PCIe based Network Interface Cards for High Energy Physics" 10:30-10:55 Julien Bernard (Obs. Paris LESIA CNRS) "A GPU based RTC for E-ELT Adaptive optics: RTC prototype" 10:20-10:55 Filippo Mantovani (BSC) "Scientific computing on ARM-based platforms: evaluation and perspectives"
10:55-11:30 Coffee Break 10:55-11:30 Coffee Break 10:55-11:30 Coffee Break
  Morning Session 2 - Chairman: R. Capuzzo Dolcetta   Morning Session 2 - Chairman: A. Lonardo   Morning Session 2 - Chairman: D. Melini
11:30-12:05 Yifeng Cui (San Diego SDSC) "Regional Scale Earthquake Simulations on OLCF Titan and NCSA Blue Waters" 11:30-11:55 Maxime Lainé (Obs. Paris LESIA CNRS) "A GPU based RTC for E-ELT Adaptive optics: addressing the latency / jitter constraints" 11:30-12:05 Dimitri Komatitsch (LMA-CNRS) "Using large GPU clusters and the race towards exaflops to improve high-resolution acoustic imaging"
12:05-12:30 Dany Vohl (Swinburne) "Colouring redshift and velocity: a novel visual cue to inspect volumetric data in Astronomy" 11:55:12:25 Matteo Bauce (Sapienza) "GPU integration in High Energy Physics experiment online event selection systems" 12:05-12:30 Martina Senzacqua (Sapienza Roma), "A fast - Monte Carlo toolkit on GPU for treatment plan dose recalculation in proton therapy"
12:30-12:55 Suren Khachatryan (AUA)  "Formation of Steady-state Structure in Gravitating Disks by Nonlinear Density Perturbations" 12:25-13:00 Michael Bader (Technical University of Munich), "High Performance Earthquake and Tsunami Simulation on Xeon Phi Platforms" 12:30-12:55 Carmela Luongo (INFN-Pisa) "PET Image Reconstruction on GPU"
12:55-15:00 Lunch Time 13:00-15:00 Lunch Time 12:55-15:00 Lunch Time
  Mon Sep. 26th   Tue Sep 27th   Wed Sep. 28th
  Afternoon Session - Chairman: F. Sciortino   Afternoon Session - Chairman: M. Bernaschi   Afternoon Session - Chairman: M. Arca Sedda
15:00-15:25 Piero Altoè (NVIDIA) "Recent trends in GPU architectures" 15:00-15:35 Luca Leuzzi (CNR-NANOTEC) "Statistical mechanical approaches on GPU to systems with continuous spin variables on random graphs with quenched disordered interactions" 15:00-15:25 Marco Palombo (MIRCen, I2BM, DSV, CEA) "GPU based modeling pipeline to extract brain cell morphology from in vivo diffusion-weighted MR spectroscopy data"
15:25-15:50 Akitaka Ariga (AEC, LHEP, Bern) "High speed 3D track reconstruction in particle physics with GPUs" 15:35-16:00 Felix Höfling (FU Berlin) "GPU-powered molecular dynamics simulations in statistical physics" 15:25-16:00 Jeffrey Kelling (HZDR Dresden) "Pushing the Limits of Lattice Monte-Carlo Simulations using GPUs"
15:50-16:15 Matteo Lulli (Tor Vergata, Roma) "GPU Based Detection of Plastic Events in Lattice Boltzmann Emulsions" 16:00-16:25 Francisco Ramírez (Buenos Aires) "The LIO project: optimized quantum molecular simulations" 16:00-16:35 Joachim Stadel (Zurich) "A Two Trillion Particle Dark Matter Simulation and a Perspective on GPUs in Astrophysics"
16:15-16:25 Poster presentation     16:35-17:00 Michele Mastropietro (INAF-OAR, ASI) "ASTRI SST­2M data reduction software on low­power and parallel architectures"
16:25-17:00 Tea Break 16:25-17:00 Tea Break 17:00-17:20 Conclusion - Greetings
        17:20-18:00 Tea Break
  Evening Session - Chairman: P. Vicini   Evening Session - Chairman: G. Parisi    
17:00-17:35 A. Varbanescu (Amsterdam) "Heterogeneous Computing: the CPU can also help!" 17:00-17:35  A. Hérault (CNAM Paris) "Using GPUs in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics a case study"    
17:35-18:00 Gilles Grasseau (LLR École Politechnique) "A MPI/OpenCL hybrid implementation of the Matrix Element Method in the context of the Higgs boson properties analyses" 17:35-18:00 Massimiliano Fatica (NVIDIA) "A Navier-Stokes Solver for Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows on GPU Clusters"    
18:00-18:25 Natalia Kolomoyets (DNU Dnipro) "Multipart SU(N) mode in QCDGPU package for Monte Carlo lattice simulations" 18:00-18:25 Alessandro Gabbana (INFN Ferrara) "Heterogeneous implementation of the D2Q37 Lattice Boltzmann Method"