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The school will be held on April 15-18, 2013 at the Astronomical Observatory of Rome
in Monteporzio Catone (Rome, Italy).

This year the focus of the school will be on multi-messenger astronomy.
The goal is to bridge the GW and the astrophysical communities, by offering for the most important
gravitational wave sources, complementary lectures given by leading experts in the field. 

Astrophysical observations of interest for Virgo, source modeling, and data analysis will be presented.

The school is also aimed at stimulating the interest and fostering the collaboration of students and young researchers from both the GW and astrophysical communities in the one of the most challenging and exciting
scientific enterprises of the 2010's.

The deadline for application has been extended to March 10th, 2013

Poster of the School


Scientific Committee:

V. Ferrari and L. Stella (School Co-Directors)
M. Bassan
F. Ferrini
A. Font
N. Stergioulas
J.I. Vinet
F. Fiore
Local Organizing Committee:

G. Giobbi
M. Bassan
V. Ferrari
L. Gualtieri
L. Stella
School Secretariat:

Dr. Giuliana Giobbi
Phone: +39-06/942-8964-27
Fax: +39-06/942-86406

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