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The easiest way to reach Monteporzio Catone and/or Frascati
from the airport of Rome - Fiumicino "L. da Vinci"  is by taxi.
The fare is indicated by the meter, but you must take into consideration the fact that the ride
is outside Rome, therefore the fare is usually around 70-80 euros.
The ride from the airport to Monte Porzio Catone takes about 45 min, depending on traffic.
Authorized taxis are white and bear the sign "TAXI" on the roof.
Please beware of unauthorized taxis, and ask the fare before getting the taxi.
You may have a look at the website of the local taxi
company for a cheaper fare, and book a taxi beforehand:


A cheaper way to get to Monteporzio Catone and/or Frascati is to use public transports.

By Plane

From the airport "L. da Vinci" you may take the "Leonardo Express" train
from the Air Terminal to the Railway Station TERMINI.
Trains run at regular intervals of 30 minutes, and the tickets cost 14.00 Euro  (one-way).
The trip lasts about 30 minutes.
You may have a look at the timetable starting from the portal
of the Italian Railways and selecting "English":


Once you get off at TERMINI station, follow the sign "Metro A Line" (Linea A).
The subway is open from 5,30 a.m. to 11,30 p.m.; on Fridays and Saturdays evening until 1,30 a.m.
Inside the Metro station buy a metro ticket  (1,50 euro, at the ticket office or use the automatic machines ).
Take the train directed to ANAGNINA, where you must get off.
It takes about 25 minutes to reach Anagnina from Termini.

Once in the hall of ANAGNINA Station, turn left towards the coach terminal (LINEE EXTRAURBANE); buy a ticket (1,30 euro) at the Ticket Office on your left. The platform for the ROME - FRASCATI - MONTE PORZIO -MONTE COMPATRI - ROCCA PRIORA line is number SIX; see the enclosed timetable for details. Coaches leave approx. every 30 min., but there are fewer coaches on both Saturday and Sunday. You can have a look at the updated timetable at the following web page:

It takes about 30 minutes from Anagnina to the Astronomical Observatory of Monteporzio Catone. There is a bus stop just in front of the main gate of the Observatory, which is usually open from 7.30 am till 8.00 pm. Ask the driver to show you the "fermata Osservatorio"

If your hotel is in Frascati, you can take a train from TERMINI station: there are regional trains approx. every hour. The ticket (2,10 euro) must be bought in advance). You can find an updated timetable of the trains starting from the portal of the Italian Railways:


and selecting your destinations.

Connections between Frascati and Monteporzio Catone are always guaranteed
by the COTRAL coaches - see info above.

If your hotel is  Hotel Villa Vecchia, you need to go to Frascati, and book a free shuttle from Frascati railway station to the Hotel: just contact the reception beforehand (info@villavecchia.it, phone: +39-06/9434-0096). There will also be free shuttles from the hotel to the Observatory and back during the School week.

If you land in Rome at  the airport "CIAMPINO" you may take a COTRAL bus from the Air Terminal to the "Metro A Line" (Linea A) and get off at the station ANAGNINA. Then you proceed for Monte Porzio or Frascati as indicated above.
Daily connections between the airport and Roma Termini railway station  are also guaranteed by various bus lines (ATRAL, SIT, TERRAVISION, SCHIAFFINI). For example a Terravision bus from Ciampino to Termini runs every 20 min and the ticket costs 4 euros. Info about Ciampino can be found at the website:


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