Appendix: `???' at Fermilab Vs Higgs boson at CERN

Since, just before I was going to post this paper there has been the joint ATLAS and CMS seminar on the Higgs boson search at CERN, followed by days of rumors, I cannot avoid to add here some last minute comments on these results, comparing them with the CDF case.

The big difference between the Fermilab result discussed here and that of CERN[31] is essentially a question of priors, whose role was discussed in section 5. If we observe something unexpected, we need an overwhelming experimental evidence before we are convinced this is really a genuine discovery, which is not case of the highly expected Higgs at LHC. These are the arguments in favor of the fact that the elusive beast has been finally surrounded (every particle hunter sniffs it, although it will be considered to finally in `our hands' only when we shall be able, with the increasing number of events, to study its behavior, such as decay modes etc.):

In addition, I would also like to remark that the presentations of the two team leaders have been rather prudential, as if, instead of the Higgs, it were just an unexpected bunch of extra events in the middle of nowhere.

Some further remarks are in order.

Giulio D'Agostini 2012-01-02