About me


images/portrait.jpg I have received my Master’s degree in Physics (2009) and PhD diploma in Materials Science (2012) from Sapienza University of Rome before holding post-doc positions in Rome, Vienna (as a List-Meitner fellow in the Computational Physics group of the University of Vienna), Oxford (as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow in the Physics Department) and back in Rome at the Institute of Complex Systems at CNR. I then spent three years as a Rita-Levi Montalcini fellow in the Physics Department at Sapienza before becoming an Associate Professor. Throughout my career I have focused on the collective behaviour of colloidal systems, as investigated through a combination of theory and simulation, and on the thermodynamics of systems made of DNA.

My research

My research revolves around soft condensed matter and self assembly. In particular, I am interested in the phase behaviour of systems composed by anisotropically interacting nano- and micro-sized particles as well as (bio)polymeric constructs. Head here if you are curious.

For my research I use computer simulations and theoretical approaches devised for the investigation of complex fluids. All my codes are open source (even this website). Feel free to contact me (see the footer below↓) if you have any questions!