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Experimental Elementary Particles Physics

Sapienza Università di Roma

A.A. 2017/2018 - Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Fisica

Prof. Cesare Bini

Lecture time Week day Room
9-11 monday Aula 2 (Edificio Fermi)
9-11 tuesday Aula 2 (Edificio Fermi)

Aim of the lectures

The aim of the course is to present how the experiments in elementary particle physics are designed and how the data taken in these experiments are analyzed in order to get the physics results. A selection of old and recent experiments are considered and discussed. Advanced statistics methods used in present experiments are also presented. At the end, the students should be able to understand and discuss research papers describing measurements done in elementary particle physics experiments.

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Beginning of the course: September 25th Aula 2 - 9.00

Program of the course

1. Short introduction: the goal and the main numbers

2. The language of the random variables and of the statistical inference (only on blackboard)

3. The logic of an EPP experiment

4. Quantities to measure in EPP

5. Collider experiments

Notes: "Data analysis in Particle Physics"


Topical Seminar 1: Search for rare processes in underground laboratories -- Fabio Cappella (INFN Roma)

Topical Seminar 2: Bs-->mumu at LCHb: details behind a successful result -- Barbara Sciascia (INFN LNF)