3G GW Lab

The Third Generation Gravitational Wave Detector Laboratory (3G GW Lab) will play a key role in the development and construction of the 3G detectors that will observe the Universe up to its extreme border. An opto-cryogenic infrastructure will be built to house the prototypes made by the Quantum Technologies and Material Science groups of the Amaldi Research Center. For 3G detectors it is necessary to equip oneself to experiment with new cooling strategies capable leaving the state of the suspended mirrors unperturbed. The critical part of these detectors is the last stage of suspension which includes both the super mirrors of the interferometer, and the handling and control system. This infrastructure will be used as the last large-scale testbed for new scientific solutions, before implementation on 3G detectors. With the help of additional cooling stages, the infrastructure will also be able to host activities for the development of superconducting sensors for the measurement of cosmic background radiation polarization. This activity is part of the attempts to extend the detection of GW to very low frequencies.