Quantum technologies for GW detection

Quantum technologies are a promising resources to obtain boosted performances in several tasks, including intrinsically secure communication, improved computational capabilities and quantum-enhanced sensing. In particular, exploiting states with quantum correlations has been proposed, together with first proof-of-principle experimental demonstrations, to disclose improved sensitivity in the measurement of physical parameters. Research activities will be carried out within ARC to devise a prototype module that exploits entangled squeezed state as a resource to improve the sensitivity of gravitational wave interferometers. Indeed, theoretical investigation have shown that squeezed light can reduce the amount of noise in the measured output signal, thus allowing to improve the sensitivity of an interferometric based sensor. A fundamental aspect in the quantum metrology scenario is the capability of efficiently extracting information on the interferometer optical phase given the amount of employed resources, that limit the ultimate achievable precision. More specifically, appropriate measurement strategies and post-processing techniques have to be employed to observe quantum enhanced performances from the measured signal. New protocols for optimal extraction of information in this context will be devised and tested experimentally throughout the project.

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Fabio Sciarrino