Emergent phenomena at low dimensions

Rome, 4-6 September 2019, Department of Physics

The 2019 workshop aims at bringing together world-leading experts in the field of low-dimensional emergent materials, ranging from conventional and unconventional superconductors to graphene and nanostructured devices, where correlation, interactions and topology lead to a plethora of exciting new phenomena. With the occasion, we will also celebrate the 70th birthday of our friend and colleague Claudio Castellani.

For further information visit the workshop webpage

Light and technology: the frontiers of emergent systems
Rome, 18 March 2019, Department of Physics

This one-day meeting aims at bringing together experts in the field of light-matter interaction, from low- and high-frequency spectroscopy to photonics. These protocols offer a promising tool to characterize and manipulate physical systems, ranging from hard matter to biological systems, with a high potential not only for fundamental research but also for applications in medicine, security and aerospace. On this occasion, will be presented some on-going research activities involving scientists in Italy and India, within the frame of the Executive Program of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Italian Republic for the years 2017 - 2019.

For further information see the workshop flyer.

News on the workshop can be found on the webpage of ISC and of the Indian Embassy in Rome. 


International workshop on 2D Superconductivity

Rome, 22 June 2018, Department of Physics

SuperTop2018 is an international one-day workshop aimed at bringing together experts in the fields of two-dimensional superconductors, covering different topics ranging from conventional and unconventional superconductors to quasi-2D Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless physics and emergent inhomogeneity. The workshop will be held on June 22 2018 at the Department of Physics of the Sapienza University of Rome, and it is fully supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair (MAECI) under our joint Italia-India collaborative project.

For further information visit the workshop webpage.


Portonovo, Ancona, 24-29 June 2018

We are contrubuting to the organization of the Low-Energy Electrodymanics in Solids conference, that will be held in Portonovo, Ancona, In June 2018. Further information can be found at the workhop webpage