"Handbook on Neutral Kaon Interferometry at a f-factory"

is published in the Frascati Physics Series, Vol. 43

Mini-Workshop on


from Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Gravity

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN

March 24th, 2006

Aula Touschek


9:40 M. Curatolo Welcome
Chairperson: P. Franzini (9:50 - 11:00) Scient. Secr.: A. De Santis
9:50 A. Di Domenico Introduction [pdf]
10:00 N. Mavromatos Decoherence and CPT violation in quantum gravity [pdf]
10:35 J. Bernabeu Novel CPT violation for correlated neutral mesons [pdf]
11:10 Coffee break
Chairperson: G. Capon (11:30 - 13:15) Scient. Secr.: A. De Santis
11:30 R. Floreanini Open quantum dynamics: complete positivity and correlated neutral kaons [pdf]
12:05 R. Lehnert CPT and Lorentz symmetry breaking: a review [pdf]
12:40 G. Amelino-Camelia The multi-body problem in quantum gravity [pdf]
13:15 Buffet lunch
Chairperson: R. Baldini (14:30 - 16:15) Scient. Secr.: S. Fiore
14:30 R. Bertlmann Entanglement and Bell's inequality in the neutral kaon system [pdf]
15:05 B. Hiesmayr Quantum marking and quantum erasure with neutral kaons [ppt]
15:40 A. Bramon Hardy's type test in the neutral kaon system [pdf]
16:15 Coffee break
Chairperson: F. Ferroni (16:35 - 18:20) Scient. Secr.: S. Fiore
16:35 G. Isidori CPT violation and Bell-Steinberger relation [pdf]
17:10 A. Go Review of CPLEAR results on kaon interferometry [pdf]
17:45 A. Di Domenico Review of KLOE results on kaon interferometry and perspectives [pdf]

    The participation to the mini-workshop is free. No registration and fee are required.
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