Particle Physics

A.A. 2022-23

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It is mandatory to make the reservation on infostud for the session of your interest if you intend to take the exam. All comunications regarding the calendar of oral exams will be through infostud.

Dates of exam sessions

All oral exams willtake place in the Stanza 241, Piano 2, Edificio Marconi (CU013).

Calendar of oral exams

Lecture schedule

  • Monday, 12-14, Aula Conversi , Edificio Marconi (CU013)
  • Wednesday 10-12, Aula Conversi , Edificio Marconi (CU013)
  • Friday 8:30-10, Aula Majorana, Edificio Marconi (CU013): March 17, 24, 31, April 14, 28, May 5, 19


Date Topic Material
2023-02-27 Introduction. Collisions and decays. Decay width and lifetime. Branching fraction. Fermi Golden Rule. Two-body decay width calculation. (Grifiths Ch. 6) board
2023-02-29 Collisions with fixed target and collinding beams. Cross section: definition and calculation with Fermi's Golden rule. Resonant cross section and the Breit-Wigner distribution. (Grifiths Ch. 6) board
2023-03-06 Leptons, quarks, and hadrons. Leton and baryon numbers. Continuous and discrete symmetries. Quantum numbers and conservation laws. Charge Conjugation. (Terranova Ch. 5, Griffiths Ch. 4) board
2023-03-08 Parity and charge parity of composite states. Isospin: hypothesis and experimental evidence. Strangeness, charge and hypercharge. Static quark model. Scalar meson octet. (Terranova Ch.8, Perkins Ch. 4, Griffiths Ch. 4) board
2023-03-13 Static quark model. Meson multiplets. Producion and decay. Light meson mixing. (Terranova Ch.8, Goldhaber Ch. 5, Perkins Ch. 4, Griffiths Ch. 4, PDG ch. 15) board
2023-03-15 Static quark model. Baryon multiplets. Prediction and discovery of Ω-. SU(4) flavor with charm quark. Hypothesis of new quantum number: color; (Terranova Ch.8, Goldhaber Ch. 5, Perkins Ch. 4, Griffiths Ch. 4, PDG ch. 15) board
2023-03-17, Fri @ 8:30 Helicity of neutrinos. The Goldhaber experiment. (Terranova Ch. 10.6, Goldhaber Ch. 6, Perkins Ch. 7) pdf
2023-03-20 Color quantum number. Baryon and Meson wave functions. Similarities and differences between gluons and photon. Hadronic, semileptonic and leptonic decays. Features of 3 body decays. (Terranova Ch.8, Goldhaber Ch. 5, Perkins Ch. 4, 6.1, 6.2, Griffiths Ch. 8) board
2023-03-22, Wed No lecture
2023-03-24, Fri @ 8:30 QED at work. e+e- scattering: cross section. Bhabha and Moeller scattering. Mandelstam variables. u-, t-, and s-channel diagrams. Annihilation channel and muon pair production. Annihilation diagram. (Griffiths Ch.8, Perkins Ch. 5.1, 5.2) board
2023-03-27 e+e- scattering: total and differential cross section. Experimental techniques. Experiments at PETRA. The JADE detector. e+e-→e+e-, μ+μ-+τ-, hadrons (Griffiths Ch.8, Goldhaber Ch. 10) board
2023-03-29 e+e- scattering: measurement of R. Charm quark. Discovery of J/Ψ at Brookhaven. (Griffiths Ch.8, Goldhaber Ch. 10) board
2023-03-31, Fri @ 8:30 Discovery of J/Ψ at SLAC. J/Ψ properties. Charmonium resonances. Charmonium decay. OZI rule. (Goldhaber Ch. 9) board
2023-04-03 Number of families in the standard model. Discovery of the τ lepton. Discovery of the bottom quark and Upsilon.Looking for the top quark. (Goldhaber Ch. 9, 11) board
2023-04-05 Discovery of the top quark. Weak interactions. Number of neutrino flavors. (Goldhaber Ch. 14, 6, Griffiths Ch. 9, Perkins Ch. 9) board
2023-04-12 No Lecture
2023-04-14, Fri @ 8:30 Weak interaction as a chrial theory: Helicity and chirality. From Fermi model to current-current theory. Heavy weak mediator and Fermi constant GF (Terranova Ch. 10, Griffiths Ch. 9, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-04-17 Muon decay. Helicity suppression in pion decay. Neutron decay. (Griffiths Ch. 9, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-04-19 Lepton universality in weak interactions. Weak interaction of Quarks. Cabibbo angle. (Griffiths Ch. 9, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-04-26 The GIM mechanism. Tree and Loop diagrams. The Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix. Oscillation of neutral B mesons. Neutral Weak Current. (Griffiths Ch. 9, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-04-28, Fri @ 8:30 Discovery of Neutral Weak Current at CERN. Electroweak theory of Glashow-Weinberg-Salam. (Griffiths Ch. 9, Terranova Ch. 12, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-05-03 Discovery of W± and Z0 at CERN (Griffiths Ch. 9, Terranova Ch. 12, Perkins Ch. 9, Goldhaber Ch. 6) board
2023-05-05, Fri @ 8:30 Measurement of Number of neutrino families at LEP. (Terranova 12.7, Goldhaber 13). CP Violation in neutral K mesons. (Goldhaber Ch. 7, Terranova 13.7) pdf
2023-05-08 CP Violation in neutral K. Quantum entanglement and coherent production of B mesons (Goldhaber Ch. 7, Terranova 13.7) kaons(pdf) B(board)
2023-05-10 Oscillation of neutral B mesons. CP violation in neutral B meson. (Goldhaber Ch. 15, Terranova 13.7) board
2023-05-15 Structure of hadrons: Rutherford and Mott cross sections. Elastic elecron-nucleon scattering. (Goldhaber Ch. 8, Perkins Ch. 5) board
2023-05-17 electron-nucleon scattering for pointlike and extended target. Form factor. (Goldhaber Ch. 8, Perkins Ch. 5) board
2023-05-19, Fri @ 8:30 electron-nucleon scattering for Dirac proton: Rosenbluth formula. Experimental proof of proton structure (Goldhaber Ch. 8, Perkins Ch. 5) board
2023-05-22 Discovery of gluons at PETRA. Hadronic jets: experimental signature and techniques. pdf
2023-05-24 Hadronic jets. Properties of hadronic jets from uds, c, and b quarks pdf
2023-05-29 Deep Inelastic scattering. Probing structure functions at SLAC. Scaling. (Goldhaber Ch. 8, Perkins Ch. 5) board
2023-05-31 Deep Inelastic scattering. Quark parton model. Parton density functions. (Goldhaber Ch. 8, Perkins Ch. 5) board
2023-06-05 Physics at Large Hadron Collider. slides